Vernis Sac Maple

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  1. No, it's not super shiny, but it's not dull.
  2. I don't have this style but I just took a close up pic of the vernis.If you've bought it from eluxury you're safe! Hope this helps.:smile:

  3. What color did she get?
  4. the color is called noisette---but its not very shiny i thought its suppose to be :sad:
  5. I have that one and it is shiny, just not wet shiny if you know what I mean. I'm not sure my pic is any better then Elux's but here it is:
    Picture 017.jpg
  6. Some of the vernis colors are very shiny (like icechick said "wet") but noisette is NOT one of them. It should have a nice sheen to it.

    Some of the wet shiny vernis colors are red, fuchsia, bronze.
  7. ^^ Ditto! I have a noisette cles, and out of all my pieces it's the least shiny.
  8. would u say its like a satin type of material..
  9. thanks guys i appreciate the help...
  10. does anyone have a picture wearing this bag? im very interested but will only get it if you can maybe wear it on at the fold of your arm like a speedy.
  11. I don't have this bag but from the picture, it looks uncomforable to put your arm in it. The handle is not a rolled one like a speedy.
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