Vernis Roxbury Drive - evening clutch?

  1. Hii Girlz ...

    i have an up coming event and thought of getting a bag that can be carried on both evening + day ... i kept searching and thinking till it came into my mind .... Roxbury Drive in Perle to be carried w/out its straps ... do u think i would look awkward?:weird: i can imagine my self and i guess its cuute since its not too long or oversized?

    suggestions and Honest Opinions plz:idea:
  2. I think it would be a perfect evening bag. I'm not sure about day time (Everyday) in that color,i'd be worried about marking it up.
    A special occassion bag(day/evening) it think it would be ok.
  3. I think it's awesome, it's perfect for a special occasion or everyday (maybe not in perle though).
  4. i have to take it in perle to match my outfit .. and mostly am gonna exchange it for beige after my event.... u think its ok? our exchange period extends only for 15 days after ur purchase date..
  5. I think it would look great either way- it is one of the only bags I like from the Vernis line- as well as the Stillwood vertical.
  6. It's Gorgeous....I Think It's Perfect For Your Events!
  7. i think it would be perfect!
  8. The Perle looks gorgeous IRL. As far as exchanging the Perle for a Noisette (beige) after being used once, I'm not so sure LV would accept it.
  9. See that worries me about purchasing so called new.
    Someone that uses the bag for an occassion then takes it back for for something else.

    I would expect when paying top $$ for a bag its new and un-used. I know people buy bags (e-lux) and when the get that bag are un sure because they didnt see it hands one. but they dont generally use the to go out then take it back ?

    For this reason I think LV needs to start attaching tags and they much all be one when returning the bag.. and it should be attached to the outside of the bag. IMO.

  10. Bag Fetish ... u made me feel bad *cry* ...

    i do undertsand ur point of view .. i hate to purchase used bag as well ...
    i can buy a special evening bag for my event ..but i dont want to waste my $$ on a bag that i wont carry b4 another 2 3 years * i dont attend much events* ... u see what i mean?

    i adore the perle ..but as u said ..its really risky color + the vernis itself ... thats why i thought of changing it with the beige roxbury...

    thank sweet heart 4 ur honesty *flower*
  11. Sorry i didnt mean to make you feel bad :sad: and I hope my post didnt come across the wrong way.

    The vernis is beautiful so i can see why you'd want it. Can you post a pic of what you're going to wear.. maybe we can help with you another color bag.. I think that the beige is very nautral and maybe it would go as well ?

    Thanks for understand my point, again i didnt mean to make you feel bad.
  12. The bag is beautiful. I'm sure it'll look great day or night. You just need to be extra careful so it won't get dirty. But it's a given for the Vernis, right?
  13. Bag Fetish ..

    awwww hun .. u didnt hurt me at allll ..its me my self.. i felt bad .. but am sure am gonna keep the bag looking great + the event would last for 3-4 hours and it will be laying infront of me *i will be really becareful* .. i've done it before with Dior ... i actually used the bag several time ... and they didnt refuse it ...

    i will be wearing turqouise dress with silver strass... no any touch of gold .. in order to match the begie roxbury ....

    i do have a chloe in turqoise and green .. u think it would look nice?

    VuittonGirl .. thanx sweet heart . .but didnt get ur point (But it's a given for the Vernis, right? ) ;)

  14. Ditto. If I get a bag and unsure about it, I return it with everything it came with. I would never wear it out and then go to exchange it. Suppose something happened to it while you were wearing it?

    BTW I have the Noisette Roxbury and love it.
  15. Tammy .... congrats on ur Roxbury ... is it nice in RL? cute? i'd seen it in indigo and loved it ...

    as for me.. i will update u with what happens with me ...