Vernis Roxbury Drive: buy or not to buy

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  1. I dont't need any more bag, but I have this bag in my mind that I want but not a need.
    help me decide to buy or not to buy....

    I just need pros and cons on this bag to help my decision.

  2. That bag is on wish list as well....i dont need but i really really want it :yahoo:
  3. I'll keep this simple.....I have one. :yes: I love it. :love: You should get it. :girlsigh:

  4. ODesigningStyle and Cyndee, thanks for your reply
    My Gosh!!!!!! I am going crazy now. The bag is such a beauty . It is TDF.

    so many positive comments on this bag... I am going to the LV store this weekend
  5. Not to muddy the waters, but have you considered the Amarante Summit drive? It's more expensive, but in person this is just the yummiest bag!!

  6. This is sooooo completely and utterly gorgeous! I am drooling as we speak! Especially with that key chain! AMAZING!!! Gorgeous pic! :love:
  7. A very yummy bag...has anyone seen photos of ones where the vachetta has a patina though?
  8. i have one and i love it!!! so yess if you have the funds then buy it!!!
  9. I absolutely love my Roxbury. It is one of the classiest bags LV has ever made, and I like the fact that it can work hand held or as a shoulder bag.
  10. I like it but I like the Rosewood better. I like that Rosewood has a zipper.

  11. get the Roxbury, its very chic and classy.
  12. I went to NM with the intention to buy a Roxbury, but I didn't like the snap closure so I went with the Rosewood.
  13. i say buy...its truly gorgeous. it adds that oomph to your outfit when you want it to be a little chic :smile:
  14. I have to hurry up and get it before the price increase 4/17/08... hope this talk of increase is not true...
    Increase already in March of this year and now another one.