vernis rouge...

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  1. i LOVE the rouge range of the vernis line.... i hve the cles and it's so beautiful that i don't bear to use it. :shrugs: i just keep it in the dust bag and stare at it fr time to time...:heart:

    does anyone know if the rouge vernis ever came in the bedford style? :shame: :love: :love:

  2. Yes it did, but to let you know red is now discontinued.
  3. You can call the 866-vuitton number and have them track you down some rouge items... I know I've seen some left in local boutiques

    it's worth a shot!
  4. thanks guys! i know the red is discontinued :crybaby: i've nv ever seen a red bedford (not even on eBay).... would love to get my hands on 1!!!

    thanks lucky lacoste, i live outside of the USA though... :sad:
  5. I've seen some items currently available in the rouge. That's the red right?
  6. Yes, the Bedford came in red. Thanks to a boardie from another board I was able to land one. I even have a red Bucket GM, a red Lexington and a red VIP Bracelet. I'll have to take a pic of my red family with the Lexington and the Bracelet but here's a pic that I already have with the Bedford, Bucket, Cles, Houston and a red Epi St Jacques. Can you tell that I like red? Enjoy!
  7. GORGEOUS!! All I have is the red cles. :sad:
  8. Thank you Bag*Snob! I love, love, love red... Red Vernis is awesome!

    Isadora, I didn't know that a red Bedford existed either until I posted the question on another board a while ago. It's a piece that is rarely, if ever, seen on eBay. Here's another pic of it for your viewing pleasure...
  9. Me too..I love bedford is my dream bag..:crybaby:
  10. Rouge vernis is so gorgeous!!
  11. wow, what a beautiful collection!! thank you for sharing!
  12. bagasms ~ yes, the rouge is the red vernis... AWWWW if only they still have it in stores - i would KILL for a red bedford!!! :cry baby:

    golden leopard lady~ you are making me turn LIME GREEN in envy with ur red collection!!!!!!!!!! *DROOLS* argh!!! would ur other boardie friends be able to find me another red bedford? :sad:
  13. You have a great collection I must say. I'm so jealous.
  14. GoldenLeopardLady-- your bags look great!!! They handles are in such good shape!! I love you collection, would have loved to get my hands on something red vernis!!!
  15. I saw a red vernis bucket at LV a few weeks ago! It was TDF! Red Vernis is definitely one of my favorites. I only have a cles but I would love a little something to go with it!!
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