vernis Rosewood or Roxbury? or Epi Speedy 25 in Ivory?

  1. hi hi, im confused as to which to get? i jz bought a vernis rosewood (perle) but im not sure whether i shud keep it or exchange for roxbury or the white epi speedy 25.. can u help me? thanks

    My Rosewood


    Epi Speedy 25
  2. roxbury for me :smile:
  3. hi there ; ) I would prefer the speedy. you would love the utility of the bag. also, it can go from day to night...very flexible.
  4. speedy.
  5. I have a Roxbury and some speedies. It depends what you want to use it for IMO. As a bag for elegant occasions, choose the Rosewood, from day to night Roxbury and for all around and less posh occasions speedy :smile:
  6. epi speedy in ivory :smile:
  7. I like Roxbury Drive! I went to the store and tried both of them on, and the Roxbury Drive is just so elegent!
  8. speedy for me.
  9. my vote ~ epi speedy:smile:
  10. Love the ivory speedy!
  11. seems like many op for the speedy..
  12. The speedy.
    I works for all occations.
  13. I love your perle rosewood...I think you should keep it but if you want to change it I would go with the speedy.
  14. Without knowing why you are unsure about your pretty rosewood, my favorite is the epi speedy.
  15. Epi speedy! But really all of them are beautiful bags, so you can't go wrong!