Vernis Rosewood in Pearl or Epi Madeleine PM in Ivoire?

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  1. I'd like to have a white bag but I'm having trouble deciding. :confused1: They're both very similar in design & size, with less than $100 difference in price. Any thoughts on either? I've heard that colors can bleed onto the Vernis Pearl. Could anyone confirm that?
  2. Don't know about the color bleeding, but I would vote for the Epi Madeleine in Ivoire.
  3. I am partical to the vernis line, so go for the Rosewood!
  4. I love vernis. I have the epi madeleine PM in Ivoire which I also love. I guess I'll be biased to say that I vote for the epi madeleine simply because I have one. I think either choice is great for you. Keep in mind that it is harder to maintain a vernis. The epi is so easy to maintain and it's a beautiful bag.
  5. I so love the perle color in vernis but you gotta' be prepared for bad things. Here is a sampling snatched from listings on ebay.

    See how some discoloration bled through from the back of the snap:

    And here another listing or a perle wallet and the seller describes, "reddening around the edges":

    And, a silver vernis with some color transfer:


  6. go for epi madeleine
  7. i too :heart: the rosewood but i'd be afraid to get in perle, esp since it's a shoulder bag and could easily get colour transfer from dark clothing. and not only that, but you'd have to worry about yellowing/discoloration from sunlight. even the SAs at various LV boutiques warned me about getting something in Perle. it is very gorgeous though. i saw someone on Rodeo Dr with a perle Houston and i was like :drool:
  8. i personally love vernis.. and perle is just soo gorgeous.. BUT seriously.. it's soo hard to take care of, so i'd vote for the epi madeleine (you can also dress it up with bandeau or keychains/charms). BUT if i were really rich and can spend several Ks a year on LV then i'd go for the vernis =P
  9. Vernis Perle is gorgeous but I'm worried like everyone else is about the upkeep. It seems like color is a huge concern for light color vernis so I say go for the Epi Madeleine. Epi is low maintenance and can stand up to rain and dirt. Just a simple wipe will do. And the best thing is no vachetta to worry about.
  10. I prefer the Vernis Perle in terms of look but the Epi is really lower lower maintenance. Hence, I think Epi Madeleine is more practical ;)
  11. I love the Rosewood but like everyone else has said. the llight color vernis is so hard to care for. So go for the carefree epi
  12. VERNIS ROSEWOOD! NO doubt about it! :heart:
  13. Wow, thanks for all the feedback, ladies. I, too, am a sucker for the Vernis. I just love how that shine just stands out. I didn't realize that the color bleeding was such a problem, since I've got an Houston in Pomme.
    I don't have an Epi yet, and the Madeleine is so cute, I figured it would be my first. I'm just waiting for my Saks to receive one! I'll let you know when I finally get it!:smile:
  14. I'd go with the only live once! ;)
  15. I would be afraid of the pearl-go for the epi madeleine!