Vernis Red palm cover - edges discolored?

  1. My friend has a beautiful red vernis palm pilot cover. She is meticulous with care. However, the edges, for no apparent reason, have turned a dark, black color. It has not come in contact with ink. Does anyone know the cause of vernis edge discoloration, and have any recommendations for improving?

    Many thanks,
  2. I have never heard of a vernis Palm cover... Did she purchase this piece from LV? My first concern would be authenticity. I sure would like to see it. I have one in mono. I have quite a bit of red vernis and have never had any of it to turn black.
  3. No, it is absolutely genuine and adorable. I was with her when she bought it at Saks in Palm Gardens, Florida. But as she has used it, the edges are turning dark. She was going nuts over this because she keeps it in a very clean purse and is very very careful with her things.