Vernis ReadePM in Framboise???

  1. I was thinking of buying the readePM in Framboise and wanted to ask how these bags hold up???? What about the size? I am sick of carrying big bags and have a few mono bags and thought I would get something different.
    I have the Chanel med. Cambon tote and it is a favorite bag, I love the size so I thought this might be a pretty bag to have. I also love the color.
    Any comments? :yes:
  2. I LOVE the Reade PM. It's a cute tote, it's not too big but big enough for me. In Framboise, you probably don't have to worry about colour transfer as much as the Perle or Marshmallow since it's a tad darker.
  3. its as small bag, if you normally carry anything the size of a speedy 25 this bag will be too small.
    Its a nice bag for just running about when you dont need everythng with you.wallet, keys and cell.
  4. hope this helps with size.

    CrisLVReadeStuff.jpg DSC04149a.JPG DSC04148a.JPG reade.jpg
  5. I have one and I hate to say I hardly use it. I think I used it for half a day once but that's it. I love the color and style though.
  6. ^^ too small ?
  7. hmmm...I have this on/off love relationship with the reade.... Sometimes it seems like the cutest lil bag (especially in Framboise), but at other times (like now lol) it's kinda blah to me..... must be the sudden cold winter days in

  8. Not that it's small, it's not a bag I think of right away when trying to figure out which bag to use. Maybe it's the color? I pick out my bag after I get dressed and it's never been one I thought would look perfect with my outfit. It's a great bag, don't get me wrong, I love the color especially but I just never use it.

    Maybe I will use it tomorrow. LOL!
  9. That is an adorable tote bag! Better than my little paper bags that always fall apart when it's wet from rain or some type of beverage.
  10. I think it's a really cute bag!
  11. I have three reade PMs :biggrin: it is one of my favorite styles of bags!! here are pics on what my lovely can hold.
    reade1.jpg reade3.jpg reade4.jpg
  12. What color is yours ?
  13. ^Framboise
  14. Wow, Sky! What a collection of *Reade*s. They're all so adorable. Love your collection!

  15. It holds a whole LOT!