Vernis Reade PM

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  1. Should I get this? I had a vavin PM tote that I miss alot but I have been eyeing the Vernis in Marshmallow. I wanted this when it first came out but never got it. Is it basically the same size as the vavin PM just different material?

    How's the vernis, how do you take care of it? If I get a light color will it be really hard to take care of??? I am super careful with my bags but figured I'd ask.

  2. Pics would help.
  3. I have the vernis reade PM in noisette and really like it! I don't think it's the most functional/practical bag since there is no zipper on top, and the size is a little small (although it fits all the basics-- wallet, keys, cell phone, etc.). But it's a really pretty bag, and I use it when I go out to dinner or social functions. Since I don't use it everyday, I have had no problems taking care of it. I just place it in its dustbag when I'm not using it (the instructions said that it should not be placed in direct sunlight).
  4. Aww I just sold my marshmallow reade PM. I find that it's a really cute bag but I have a problem with the open top. I'm scared of pocket-pickers so I always watch where I bring it to.

    My marshmallow turned a peach color even though I hardly used it, I don't know what caused it but I noticed it on a lot of marshmallow pieces on ebay so I would beware. Other than that I heard the lighter vernis colors are more prone to color transfer and damage from sunlight.
  5. If you're going for a Vernis bag I'd suggest buying the darkest color you can find. The light colors really show any color transfer that may occur. For example, my mom and I both have the Peppermint Porte Tresor wallets. Well I had a Dasani bottle in my bag and a little of the blue from the label transferred to the back of my wallet. And my mom was using hers with her Vive Cite bag (that has the red suede lining) and the reddish color transferred over to the wallet so in spots, theres a brown tinge to it. This is one reason that no matter HOW much I love the Perle, I refuse to buy anything in that color. It's way too dangerous. My mom also has the Marshmallow Petronia (basically a bigger version of the Biscayne Bay) and the 4 keyholder but they've been ok so far. Anyway I'd suggest a darker color such as the Noisette or the Indigo, if there are still any of those pieces around.

    As for the Reade..the open top is the only drawback. Otherwise it's a cute little bag. I'd say that yes, it's about the same size as the Vavin PM, just more square-ish.
  6. ^^ Ditto to the color transfer and fading. Darker Vernis pieces don't show it as much as the lighter ones.
  7. After picking up my first vernis item, I can see how easy it would be for a color transfer...I've yet to really take it out of the duster and I've had it for a good 2 1/2 months now! haha

    I really want the minna street, but since its to be worn cross body, that makes me even more uneasy about a color transfer from my clothing. I think damier is most appealing b/c it is durable and doesn't patina! haha...too bad i am not a damier fan.
  8. I think I am going to hold off on the marshmallow vernis though I love it. I am afraid of the color fading and the transfer. I want a bag that I'm not afraid to carry :smile: Thanks girls!
  9. awww I love it in framboise. So nice for the summer!
  10. I seem to only like the marshmallow and can get one for $500. I keep thinking I should get it lol!!! But I'm so afraid of it turning as I'm kinda anal about the condition of my bags :sad:
  11. ME TOO! I just sold my marshmallow (with tears in my eyes) because it started turning peachy! It didn't match my marshmallow ludlow and that bothered me. I figured it would only get worse so might as well get some $$ back while I can. I hardly used mine, too.
    It was so beautiful when it was new...I am very disappointed with this color:sad2:
  12. Aww I'm sorry Michele :sad: I wonder why it does that, the Marshmallow is such a pretty color too before the color change, what a bummer.
  13. I agree with getting a darker color. I love the framboise.