Vernis Reade PM or MC Shirley???

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just bought the vernis Reade PM in Pomme (:heart: Pomme!) last weekend but now I'm having second thoughts after reading the discoloration thread posted by another member. Her poor bag! :wtf:

    Should I stick with the Reade or buy a MC Shirley? And in which color? OR should I buy something else? No monogram please, and I already have a white speedy. I'm mainly looking for an evening bag so which one do you prefer? Thanks! :jammin:
  2. I prefer MC White Shirley but MC has another problem. The MC painted will be able to scuff off
  3. How with classis Damier Speedy?
  4. i love the MC shirley in black and also white. this bag is darling and works great as an evening bag.
  5. If you'll be using it as an evening bag, I say Shirley! It's small but you can use it as a clutch or on your shoulder ;) I like black MC.
  6. I would keep it, the color is so HOT!
    I also would go for an shirly if you really want to return it.
  7. LOL my first thought was that too, but I already have 3 speedies so I thought maybe it's time for me to back off on speedies and try something else!
  8. shirley gets my vote cuz I'm such a sucker for mc line:heart:
  9. if you are looking for an evening bag, MC shirley or Epi Montaigne Clutch will be my vote :flowers:
  10. For an evening bag the I use the black mc shirley and I think the epi montaigne in white would be my next choice! I have a reade pm also and do not use it much because I'm worried about stuff falling out! Good luck deciding!:smile:
  11. well the pomme would show less colour discoloration imo cuz it's darker, but I would personally go for the white MC shirley :yes:
  12. The MC Shirley gets my vote! : )
  13. keep the reade!! the newer colors don't have near as many issues at the old pastel colors. and pomme won't show much!
  14. Tough decision, will the Shirley fit inside the Reade,,,hehe... pomme and the white or black MC together is hot!
  15. For an evening bag, I'd go with the Shirley in black!