vernis reade pm in pomme or epi petite noe in purple (coming soon)?

  1. Hi guys..
    I am currently in 'dilemma' in choosing between these two bags, I really love the pomme vernis reade pm but i also want to buy a petite noe (am luving the discontinued yellow colour which is no longer available!!) so im thinking of getting one in purple which will be out soon!!
    does anybody know whether the pomme is a limited edition colour? If its not, i think i might buy the purple noe when its out next mth since it is one of the seasonal colours and limited & get the reade sometime in June/July.

    HELP! :shrugs:
  2. Pomme vernis reade is gorgeous. I like red handbags because they're eye catching. I've never seen many purple LVs so that would be unique to have, but vernis reade gets my vote.
  3. <---- Purple Lover ... so I vote for the Purple Epi (cassis). I'm not sure if they are coming out in that particular style, that would be great though.
  4. agree! I'm pretty sure there will not be a noé...
  5. I think the pomme would be more versatile than the purple, then again, you may not be able to get the purple epi later on...not much help.
  6. I don't think it's coming in the noe
  7. anyone has the picts for the new epi color? thanks!
  8. wait for the cassis...
  9. I vote for the petit noe in epi purple!
  10. Pomme....I just bought the new cles yesterday and I love this color! It's my first vernis piece. I'm not a purple lover, so not much help there. I think red goes with more.
  11. check out my sig there in the pics thread (the first underlined HERE) not sure what page but there aren't many to go through
  12. I think both colors are only out for a limited period. Usually the colors released in the Vernis and Epi lines are only available for 6 months to a year and then discontinued - think of the previous Framboise, Bronze, Indigo, etc. colors for Vernis and Mandarin, Myrtille, Lilac, ... for Epi. Pomme D'Amour was released for last Valentine's Day so it might be replaced soon.
  13. purple.
  14. Purple EPI will be fabulase.
  15. I would get the epi petit noe. I think it will be more versatile for you. I also think you will still be able to get the pomme. Good luck with your choice!