Vernis Reade PM In Perle or Noisette?

  1. I finally saved up enough money to buy it!!!!!!! Now I just have to choose the color. ^_^ I was looking through ELUX and they only had four colors. Felt that the Frambroise and Rouge was too loud for me. :biggrin: Do they have more colors at the LV boutique? Now I only have to choose between Perle(Pic 1) or Noisette(Pic 2). Which one would you guys prefer? and would these colors witness major color transfer? :sad: I trust all of your opinions and this is going to be my second LV bag in what is beginning to be a MAJOR bag obsession. :P
    p10189011_ph_althero_Perle.jpg p10189011_ph_althero_Noisette.jpg
  2. I persoanlly will choose Noisette because at least the color is darker although not dark enough. Perle is so gorgeous but being vernis it will get color transfered and discoloration easily(light color). I have red reade and I love it .You will love the bag.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. The perle is a beauty but COLOR transfer..I would go for the Noisette
  5. :biggrin: Do you think carrying the framboise or the rouge would look too overwheliming with jeans and a simple top?
  6. Framboiseor rouge woul be the only colors I would get right now. They would have the least color transfer imo. I also love those colors a lot. If you're deciding on the other two just because you don't like the framboise and red, I'd wait for different colors to come out..

    edit: kept putting fuschia instead of framboise..:/
  7. no! framboise is gorgeous :heart:
  8. Not at all... Infact it's perfect if you want to be casual..I think someone just purchased framboise's TDF
  9. Pearle is too hard to look after for me. Noisette is SO classy.
  10. I have the noisette and it is gorgeous! I haven't had any problems with color transfer, I don't think they are as delicate as some may think.
  11. Both are beautiful... I'd choose Noisette, I think. :amuse:
  12. I would go with the Noisette.
  13. So far its the Noisette. I'm in loveee :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: A few more posts for choice and I'm going to go the Herald Square on Saturday :biggrin:
  14. I would go for noisette out of the two you posted. However, I would take framboise or rouge over Noisette any day.
  15. Well right now I'm going for Noisette but maybe when I see it in person I might buy another color. I'm so indecisive.