Vernis question

  1. I know I have to be careful of rain, etc. with the handles but what about the vernis? Can water get on it? Does it stain?

  2. Water will not stain the vernis. It will stain the vachetta attached to it, but not the vernis. If I get it wet I just wipe it right off with a cloth.
  3. I have no problem with vernis and the rain.
    You easily wipe off the water off the vernis leather.
  4. ^^ Agree- I have had my bag out in the red(pomme) and it still looks like new. You just need to wipe it off
  5. For me, the vernis bags are rain bags...I don't mean a torrential downpour, but when it's lightly raining, I don't mind carrying them at all. The water just rolls right off.
  6. water just rolls off. I would just be careful with the straps. mine has a few water stains.
  7. No problems with water marks here either ! :yes:
  8. Vernis does great in rain!
  9. my vernis has been holding up quite well!
  10. the leather is coated so its almost kinda water proof!
    so is miroir