Vernis question

  1. Is Vernis LV ever faked? It would seem semi-difficult but I guess anything is possible. Does anyone know for sure or have seen fake Vernis?
  2. Sure. Check eBay, you'll find some fake vernis. The material of fake vernis looks too hard & not from calfskin. Looks plasticy
  3. Vernis is highly faked but If you know what real vernis looks like then you shouldnt have a problem. Fake vernis is usually plastically looking and the vernis isnt shiny, also the LV's look off.
  4. Vernis is the easiest fake to spot hard to duplicate.
  5. Yes, I've seen numerous fakes on eBay. They just look "off"...and some of them look like the design is actually raised, instead of imprinted. It really helps to know what the inside of the authentic bag looks like...I've seen the wrong type of inside and then you definitely know it's fake.
  6. yea, but its really off. the material looks like a melted barbie doll!