Vernis question, please help!

  1. BF screwed up on Valentines Day, so I get a new anything I want! =) Not that it will make me not be mad anymore, but ugh, I want him to suffer, financially! muahahah

    I'm thinking of getting a Vernis wallet, but I'm wondering if it gets scratched easily? I'm sure if there's a scratch on it, it will really show/be noticable?

    I have long nails, and I don't know if it would be a good idea if I got something Vernis.

    Also, those of you with Vernis accessories, when you have it in your bag, doesn't it get scratched (if you have alot of other stuff in there, keys, phone, etc etc)? Or are you just extra careful with your Vernis items?
  2. Vernis holds up pretty well, I have a Vernis agenda in Framboise that I tossed around in my bag (with keys, cell phone, pens, etc. floating around) and it never got scratched up - still looks brand new! I've had it for about a year now. :tup:

    I think the only real problem with Vernis is color transfer (with light colors) so definitely go for a darker color! Don't forget to show what you get!! :yes:
  3. THanks for the reply. I'll definitely post pics when I decide on what I want!
  4. I have a pomme agenda. I guess I'm the chicken one here cuz I keep it in it's dust bag in my purse. I'm worried it will get scratched up.
  5. I had a vernis heart, but returned it because my SA said I should keep it in the dustbag. I don't know if that's true or not, but I was afraid of getting it scratched up inside my purse.
  6. That's what I'm afraid of. I mean, if a pen (I shouldn't have those in my bags anyways) accidentally JABBED into it, it would definitely leave a mark/hole. If I was to scratch it with my nails, I know the marks well be so noticable on the vernis! I'm so torn!

    I definitely wouldnt want to buy a wallet to keep in the dustbag in my purse.
  7. KEEP it in the dustbag? Like only when you're not using it? Or all the time? 'Cause that sounds really stupid. (Not you, girlsgottoshop, the SA.) What is the point of an accessory that you can't use? I don't buy LV to put them in a locked case. I buy LV to carry them, use them, and enjoy them! Geez...
  8. I have quite a bit of vernis items in my bag: French purse in Pomme or Koala in Amarante, Framboise Agenda, Amarante Pochette Cles, Pomm Key Holder, Pomme cles. I throw them in there with a lot of other junk. My Framboise agenda has quite a few scratches and my pochette cles has a dent from the Juicy Couture cherry charm I have on it but my wallets are great. The inside of my wallets seem to be more scratched than the outsides.
  9. try getting something in amarante, the color doesn't show anything except fingerprints and even then not so much!
  10. I have a Pomme Cles and it still ooks perfect
  11. Vernis is pretty durable, nails filed should be okay
  12. I keep my pomme cosmetic case in the dustbag inside my bag too. First, because my wallet is patent leather also and they "stick" together. Second, because I'm neurotic.
  13. My hubby forgot mother's day, so I bought myself a amarante agenda, LV pen, key chain & purse, regular LV make-up bag/wristlet and another key chain. He asked me how much it set him back, $700? and I said, Try more like $1700+. I keep my Amarante purse in the dustbag when not in use. I always use my agenda but it is in its dustbag in my purse. The dustbag itself is a mess, full of stains already from the baby's leaking bottle, coffee and whatever else finds its way to the bottom of my purse. However, the leather is holding up nicely. Go with the darker colors. My friend has a vernis key chain in the caramel/tan color & it looks like it has been run over by a trash truck.
  14. I have 6 vernis wallets and 3 pm agendas and use all on a rotating basis. None show any scratches or damage -- although I am most careful when using my marshmallow or perle due to light colors being sensitive to sun and color transfer. My amarante wallet has been through the wringer, used and abused, but give it a light rub with a cloth and it looks like new, no damage at all.

    Vernis is much hardier than it looks!
  15. I used to do that too! :lol: It got annoying after a while though so I just stopped using the dust bag and my agenda was fine. ;) :yes: