Vernis Purses...Which would you buy & why?


Which Vernis Purse?

  1. Ludlow

  2. French Purse

  3. Billfold

  4. Pochette Wallet

  5. Koala Wallet

  6. Zippe

  7. PTI

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  1. The title pretty much says it all LOL

    Which vernis purse would you choose and why that one?

  2. I LOVE the Pochette Wallet because it has a lot of card slots and a larger coin area as well. The PTIs are nice too and I have a couple but sometimes I don't like it when the whole thing folds down the way it does.
  3. I choose the koala because it has lots of card slots bill holder ID holder and a change compartment with zipper:tup:...


    you know you want it:graucho:...
  4. I'm now addicted to Verrnis having just purchased a Maple Drive and Spring Street. Saw a chicky babe yesterday carrying a Brentwood. Bring it on!!
  5. I would choose the zippy because it's gorgeous and very functional.
  6. Ludlow.
  7. Koala because its functional and small
  8. I vote for the koala becuase its the perfect size!
  9. I have the Pochette Wallet in Mono, the French in Pomme and the Koala in Amarante.

    The Pochette is the most practical and the best value. It is an excellent wallet, lots of space, keeps everything safe and secure, however you need to use it in "bigger" bags.

    The French Purse is great if you need a lot of space for change. The change purse also allows you to store cards in there. A negative is gettinf your bills out of the bills holder. I also have the 4 slot edition and it isn't enough space. It is a smaller wallet and fits in smaler bags.

    The Koala is the prettiest and most expensive. Has a lot of space for cards, a picture window, and bills are easier to get to. Change part is small and will not hold too much.

    I guess it depends what you're looking for. Above is the order I got mine in. I regret the French Purse the most, it wasn't a good buy. I'd go with either Pochette or Koala.
  10. I love the zippy in pomme. I wish I didn't already have the mono pti because I would go out and get that zippy right now!
  11. I have the Pochette Wallet in Pomme. I prefer not to fold my bills and the pochette wallet has many roomy compartments as well as cc slots.
  12. I am huge fan of the PTI and have it in a couple of lines. I love the shape, great change, bills and credit card slots.
  13. French fits so much and looks very classy! :tup:
  14. I love the zippy! I have it in MC and love the space, plus the fact that it zips.
  15. I chose the ludlow because it is so cute and I want one!