Vernis Price increase?

  1. I have not been keeping up on the LV price increases :tdown:
    just wanting to know if I should order my Vernis Brentwood now or can I hold out for another couple weeks?

    Thank you!!!!
  2. nevermind. I found the answer. Price increase already in effect BOO!!!:hysteric:What is going on with LV and Chanel??? Pretty soon I will not be able to feed my addiction
  3. I just looked at the Bedford and it is now $1240!!!! I bought 2 over a year ago for like 1080 new or something like that, I think. Need to check receipts, but it's $200 more now! OMG! Que Lastima!

    Yep, and my Brentwood too! Over $150 more than what I bought new, just a little more than a year ago....Geesh, it's worth it to just hold onto our bags if possible.
  4. ugh. these priceincreases are terrible! 620 for a mc POCHETTE!
  5. I know!!! :tdown:
  6. The Houston was $ 1,260 in 2005 and now it is $ 1,450.
  7. I now it was $530 two years ago.