Vernis Pomme Roxbury or Rosewood????

  1. Ex bf gave me a Rosewood Pomme and I haven't used it because it is (1) the patent is not good for everyday, (2) it is a little too large for a going out evening bag and (3) I sometimes feel guilty that he gave it to me and then we broke up. Great guy, but no chemistry. Also, it is my only LV and the SA at the store said that I could swap it for the Roxbury (smaller/clutch like) or get a regular everyday bag instead.

  2. The Roxbury is not really much smaller than the Rosewood. I think they are about the same size. Your SA was probably thinking of the Sunset Blvd., which is definitely smaller than the Rosewood or Roxbury. It is a gorgeous bag.

    But if you would rather have something you'd use every day, then you have a lot of options. For instance, you could trade the Rosewood for a Speedy, plus a scarf or key chain. It really all depends on what you like and want. If it were me, and it was my only LV bag, I'd definitely get something I could use every day.
  3. Can't you exchange it for a tivoli pm? That you can defenitely use as an every day bag!
  4. I like the tivoli pm bag. Unfortunately, there is a waitlist for it at my LV store. How does the tivoli pm compare to the lockit bag (regular, vertical, or horizontal)? Also, what you do think of the Beverly?
  5. I like those two as well! You got nice taste ;)
  6. Roxana,
    I just looked at your bags on your profile page and I am cleaning up the drool on my computer!!! I LOVE all of your items.....excellent taste. I have been an admirer of designer bags, and I am now starting to BUY!!! I really love your small chanel black patent quilted. Also, I would give my right arm for the Mirage Speedy in either Black or Bordeaux. Can you say JEALOUS!!!

    If I can locate a Mirage Speedy then I will choose that because I won't have to worry about the vachetta getting dirty. Let me know if you ever want to get rid of any of your lovely bags. :yes:
  7. Haha, thank you! :cutesy:
    I can defenitely recommend the mirage to you! I admire her still every day, I never had that with a bag before! She and my Chanel patent Madison are my two Holy Grails :heart:
  8. Trade the rosewood in for a credit since it doesn't sound like you'll ever be comfortable using it. Since you have the Mirage it doesn't look like you need a speedy. The tivoli would be a lovely addition to your collection, go ahead and get on the waitlist, it shouldn't be that long before one turns up for you. But if you try on the Beverly and adore it, that looks very much like it would fit into your collection too.
  9. Did you decide what you're going to do?
  10. I haven't done anything with the bag yet. I was busy this weekend with holiday parties. Bev misunderstood.....the Rosewood is my first LV. Whatever I trade it in for will be my first LV bag. I can afford to pay more than my credit to get what I really want. Tivoli seems nice, but will the pm be too small???? Should I look at the palermo?
  11. You seem to be interested in a bunch of different bags..I say go into the boutique and try on all the ones that interest you and make a decision after that! Good luck!
  12. hmm, that's too bad that he gave u a Rosewood because I think that's one of the prettiest vernis bags. :biggrin: I like the Roxbury too (esp. in Pomme), but its smaller and I dislike the idea of snaps. I wonder if you could swap it at the store for another Pomme Rosewood (just so it wouldn't be the very same one your ex-bf gave you?). :p
  13. I agree that the Pomme is a beautiful color. I just haven't used it since it is red patent and it feels more like a special occasion bag. Usually, my special occasion bags are a little smaller (more like the Roxbury). I just thought that I should trade it out for another bag that I could use as an everyday bag.......I don't have any LV bags yet!!! It is my first.

    I like the Tivoli PM, Beverly MM and the Manhattan PM. If I end up trading in the bag, for a regular Mono, then I might treat myself to a Pomme wallet since I LOVE red soooo much. I love the red lining that the Griet bag has inside.

    Do you like the 2008 Cruise Rubis Collection?