Vernis Pomme Reade PM OR French Purse??

  1. Is Reade PM really that small?? I really want something in the vernis Pomme. I was going to get the Pomme in French Purse, but for the price...I can get the Pomme in Reade PM. What do you guys think?? The REade PM has a larger surface area for me to look :smile: as I love the pomme so much! But I went to eluxury & check the dimension of the Reade PM & it seems to be so small. Is that bag useful at all? I mean, there is no zipper & ppl can see what's inside your bag. Does it bother you? I am 5 feet 5...will the REade PM look too small for me? Will the Reade PM look just too "plain"? What do you think? I just ONE piece of item in the vernis Pomme. What should it be? I can't afford a bedford, etc. Should I get a Pomme French Purse or go with the Reade PM?? I am thinking of the Roxbury too, but it may be too dressy for me though. Any opinion will be great! Many thanks!

    PS I already have a MC french purse & a framboise houston. :smile:
  2. When I first saw the Reade PM IRL, it looked SUPER small.

    If you do end up getting the Reade PM [which I hope you do], I think it's perfect for you!
  3. I have a Framboise Reade PM and I love it. Granted, because it's on the small side, I don't use it that much. But it's so darn cute and lady-like!! Because it's so structured, I don't have trouble fitting a pretty good amount into it. You can "stand" things up in it in order to fit things more easily into it. I believe there's a post in the visuals thread that shows how much it fits.
  4. The Reade is such a cute bag- but if it's too small for you, might I recommend the more spacious Brentwood of Houston.
  5. i like the reade pm! bagsnbags showed a pic and I think it held like 6 tomato so I guess it's not that small..I think it's about the same capacity of a speedy 25?!!?
  6. i think the roxbury would be fantastic in pomme. very :drool: and i don't think it's too dressy. you can dress down with it without any problems. i also feel more comfortable that it has a closure on it unlike the reade that is completely open at the top. but the reade is very cute though. ;)
  7. I went to look at the Reade IRL this week, specifically to see if it was too small for me. It can hold more than you'd think, but it looked way too little. I think it's a great bag for a young girl tho. Since you own the MC french purse, why don't you get the Pomme roxbury? Your MC will look great with Pomme as well as the Framboise you already have.
  8. FRENCH PURSE! It's TDF in person. You won't regret it. I regret parting with it.
  9. I'd DEFINITELY choose a bag over a wallet if price were no object. So my vote goes for the Reade. I love the style, but don't feel comfortable toting it. I prefer a bedford or houston and brentwood.
    Let us know what you decide!
  10. reade pm
  11. I LOVE the Pomme Reade PM!!!
  12. reade pm or cles will be super cute for you.
  13. the reade is smallish but v cute IRL!!! you must get it over the french purse!!! xx
  14. Reade pm or if you're able the roxbury is hot!
  15. reade pm!! I have 4 reades and it's probably my favorite LV bag. I'm 5'9" and it's not to small for me. here are some pics. it's almost as big as a speedy 25.

    although I have the pomme french purse and it's gorgeous. but since you have an MC FP I say go for the reade!
    fr8.jpg fr9.jpg reade1.jpg reade4.jpg