vernis pomme OR amarante? HELP!

  1. hello everyone~

    i cant seem to decide which one i want to get. the vernis pomme OR the amarante cles.

    i LOVE red, but after seeing how gorgeous the amarante is @ the LV store... i'm now torn

    pls. help me decide :confused1:
  2. i would pick pomme :drool:.
  3. I think the amarante is really gorgious as well. But the pomme is also gorgious. I would just pick whatever goes best with your bag... also, I think a cles would get a lot of use, so maybe amarante is more practical, you won't see any stains as easily..
  4. Pomme, I love Amarante but that gorgeous, luscious red just draws me in...:heart:
  5. i didn't think about that lol

    so you think lil scratches will be less visible with the amarante since its a darker color? :confused1:
  6. Oooo, VERY TOUGH choice! :confused1: I love them both! But if I'm forced to choose, I guess I'll go with amarante. :drool:
  7. the color of amarante is hardly to see in different shades of light, so if your wanting somthing that will get noticed then get the pomme. But if you dont care about flashy, then get the amarante, i have the small agenda in amarante and I love it! (dont like the fingerprints though :p)
  8. pomme pomme pomme!
  9. Amarante! much more beautiful than pomme...
  10. Love the amarante!!!
  11. i like a lil flashy myself haha... so far i'm leaning towards the pomme. i'm a bit concerned about the fingerprints also... so i'm glad you brought that up. is the fingerprints hard to clean off? i'm a bit of a neat freak :s
  12. I think they are both gorgeous.
    IMO, the pomme is more flashy and definitely red!
    The amarante is a bit more subtle and has a bit of a color change effect in different lighting.
    Really, you may need both. :smile:
  13. Don't know about scratches, that would prob. be the same.. I meant more with regard to stains through touching (like darker corners and stuff).

    I think you can't go wrong either way though they're both :drool::smile:
  14. pomme ... much more yummy than amarante ... fingerprints are less visible too.
  15. Amarante is gorgeous!