Vernis Pomme Cles or Damier 4-Key Holder?

  1. I am looking to purchase something for my 2 keys plus car keyless entry remote which I can carry on a daily basis. I am thinking of either getting the cles or the 4-key holder from the vernis or the damier line. For those of you who has them, any suggestions? :confused1:

    My only concern with the cles in pomme is that it will scratch up real bad.

    Vernis Cles in Pomme
    Vernis 4-Key Holder in Pomme
    Damier Ebene/Azur Cles
    Damier Ebene/Azur 4-Key Holder
  2. i have the pomme cles and i have *exactly* the same keys/remote on my cles. I ABSOLUTELY love it. i can find my keys easily because of the pomme. i have not babied my cles at all (can't really, as it gets tossed around w/ keys!) and it looks sparkly new. i've been using it for many months now. i would rec. the cles- i also keep my med. cards, an emer. credit card, money, and lib. card in the cles. i really, really love it!
  3. I have the 4 key holder in pomme - have used it daily for over a year - no scratches or problems. It's beautiful!
  4. I have a Vernis 4-Key holder and it's been holding up pretty well!
    I want a cles but not sure how the Cles ring will hold up (in terms of coming unlocked).
  5. I have the cles in Pomme as well and I simply adore the color ... however I do not use it for keys, because I like to put my keys inside the cles or holder before putting it in my purse so it doesn't scratch my other stuff. The Vernis cles just don't fit keys real well. So if you feel that way too then I suggest to get the key holder instead, if not then the cles is perfect!
  6. I have the 4 key holder in epi... i hold 3 keys, one thick car key and a remote. the remote hangs outside while the 4 keys are snapped inside.. i didn't like it at first but now i love it!!
  7. I believe the Damier cles woudl fit the most. I really like it and would like to get one. I say you should dangle your keys on a damier cles!
  8. I don't like the 'cles 'although I realise many people do. I have a mono. 6 key holder, and it has worked great. I received a 'vernis' 4 key case as a gift and love it. If it had been made in the 6 key,(which I understand, it is not..) I would have wanted that.

    I quess what I am saying is that I prefer the Key Case to the Cles!

    Good luck in your decision!!

  9. I've been using a Cles as a key ring for almost a year now, and it hasn't ever come unlocked. I am however thinking of getting a keyholder instead as there's just too much jingle jangle with the cles, lol.
  10. i recommend getting the Pomme cles. it's very cute, lovely and very red. :heart:
  11. I like the Damier azur 4-key. its such a pretty color and wont be hard to find in your bag. also the damier azur is generally easy to maintain!
  12. Definitely get the 4 key holder, I don't know how I every lived without one before.
  13. Pomme Cles! The color is sooo beautiful!
    I have a vernis ludlow that I use a lot, and it never gets scratched up...
  14. I think you should get a key holder, they are afterall designed for keys. One in Pomme would be stunning.