Vernis Pochette or Porte-Tresor International?

  1. Does anyone have either one of these wallets? I'm looking to go from tri-fold to a non bill folding wallet. At first I wasn't sure about the Pochette but I'm starting to like the accordian like style. Which one would you prefer?

    But I'm absolutely sure it's going to be in pomme! :love:
  2. PTI... Love it!
  3. PTI!

    best wallet ever!
  4. As much as I love the PTI, I think the pochette is a little easier to use. I have it in pomme and love love love it! I can use it with any of my bags!
    bday9.jpg bday10.jpg
  5. Thanks for your replies! :smile:

    How many cc slots does the pochette have. I see 6, any hidden ones? lols
    Same question goes for the PTI.

  6. I have the pochette style - I managed to track down one in framboise :yahoo:- and it has six CC slots, but I believe the newer ones have eight. Two under the front flap and four at the back, but I think the newer ones have six at the back. Inside is the front compartment, zippered coin compartment, another compartment, CC slots behind that, and a flat pocket behind the CC slots. It's so easy to use - flip up the front and everything is there at your fingertips. Love it! :love:
  7. Thanks PinkCupcake! Funny, someone just brought cupcakes to our office and I took a pink one! :smile:

    The pochette looks nice and simple to use and no bill folding! I like to keep alot junk, ie. receipts, prescriptions, etc. so a bigger wallet is way better then a busting tri-fold.
  8. I like to keep junk in my wallet too...which is why I love my pochette wallet. It's so much easier to use, just pop open the flap and toss in receipts/cards. I have 2 PTI wallets but I haven't touched them since I got my framboise pochette wallet over a year ago!!
  9. i have a PTI (but just in mono...) and want to get a pochette. i tend to carry a lot in my wallet, and the pochette looks like it will carry so much more! i feel like PTI is the classic, but want the pochette (in vernis, not sure about which color yet) for my next wallet:graucho: if u dont carry too much, the PTI will be good
  10. ^^^Mine has 6 inside and 4 outside front under the flap. My older marshamallow pink only has 6.
  11. Thanks! That's great to know! I needed more than 6 slots, that's how many I have now and I have cards stacked on top of each other in the same slot. Maybe my Metrocard can get a special slot all for itself lols :lol:
  12. I have a Pochette in Mono and a PIT in Mat. I hardly use my PTI as the Pochette is so easy to use compared to the PTI.

    I love the Pochette in Pomme!!! If I could get another wallet, it would be the Pochette in Pomme.
  13. Yeah everyone's been saying the pochette is really easy to use. At first, I thought it looked kind of weird but the more I look at it, the more I love it! Hope you get one also!!!:yahoo:
  14. I totally recommend my mono PTI! It is 1 1/2 years old and looks brand new, used it every single day. Load of cc slots.
  15. Pomme in that wallet is so delicious. :heart:

    I want to bite into it whenever I see it at the store. Everytime I see it in LV, I kinda regret buying my Mono Pochette wallet instead of the one Pomme.