Vernis Play Pretties

  1. More to come....:yes:
    Best Play Pretties.jpg
  2. Whoa...... very nice goodies you have there
  3. Very nice.
  4. Nice Vernis collection!
  5. Very nice..where's indigo bedford?
  6. love that rose spring street!! :drool: :love:
  7. Looking real good! I love them .....:heart:
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!
  9. nice dispaly
  10. :love: I just love the vernis line...very classy!
  11. Tanks!!!! I Gots more vernis, but these were just a grouping of certain colors and shapes.... in my new closet.... Actually, all of these were from ebay and Let's Trade, so these are all my discontinued items that were not bought new.
  12. Ohhh, very nice!
  13. Love vernis, it´s like candy!
  14. i love the vernis collection!! so cute
  15. Vernis is very, very lovely...