Vernis Phone Strap?

  1. I've been looking for a new strap for my digital camera and was just wondering if anyone uses the phone strap as a camera strap. If so, is it strong enough to hold a digital camera? I'm thinking of ordering it tonight but wanted to get some input.....anyone?
  2. I bought one but returned it, the lanyard didn't seem strong enough for my phone (razor) and it was already fraying ... so I highly doubt it'll be strong enough for a camera.
  3. Thanks for the quick response...I was ready to order it. I have a razr too and it weighs almost nothing. So thats just the feedback I needed to hear. The hunt continues.
    Thanks again!!
  4. I wanted on for the same reason. I thought it would be a great camera strap. I have never actually held one.... It would be really cute though! If it would break quickly I would think LV would replace or repair it!
  5. Thats actually a good point. Thats why I love tPF. Even though it's to be used as a phone strap a digital camera isn't much heavier. But I'd hate to have it fall apart. hmmmm...decisions decisions.