Vernis phone strap

  1. What is the retail price for the vernis phone strap?
  2. im not sure, but ill bumo this so others can see. ill say over or around 150?
    (just an estimate...)
  3. 240
  4. Does anybody know WHERE these are still available?

    NO luck on eBay, local LV boutique, and second hand websites. :crybaby:
  5. You could try the LV 866 customer service number, they'd be able to check all stores and see if there are any left! :smile:
  6. An SA told me it costs SGD490. I was enquiring on the Perle one.
  7. I got my framboise one in Taiwan. They also had Pomme available. I don't recall ever seeing these at my local boutique in CA. I haven't been there in awhile they may have showed up? :shrugs: Hope you find one soon!
  8. My mom just returned her's cause she thought it was too much $$$ I know their still out there. Her's was red though, and I believe it came from chicago....
  9. The Valley Fair boutique has these in stock now! If anyone is still looking for one, try giving them a call :smile: PM me if you need the number.
  10. hey does LV make a MC phone strap? if so what is the cost?
  11. Troy MI has a perle one as of tuesday the 13th lol.

    Yeah they make a MC one... price.. i dont know
  12. Yup, they do. Here is my Black MC Cell Phone Strap. :biggrin:

  13. I have both white/black MC straps (white one was my mom's, but she tends to unload her no longer used LV pieces onto me:wlae:). I remember them retailing for around $160 like 3-4 years ago.
  14. :smile: Did you manage to get one? Is really pretty~ :heart:
    I brought mine in Aust and is AUD360.