Vernis phone strap~ Framboise, Pomme D'Amour or Perle

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  1. I want to get the vernis phone strap, but don't know which colour to choose :shrugs:

    I have the heart purse in perle, so should I get the perle phone strap as well? However, phone strap get dirty very easily :push: I'm using Sony Ericsson W850i in white :p so perle may look too plain on my phone? Should I choose Framboise or Pomme D'Amour, so it stands out?

    Please help me to choose...

    Thanks :heart:
  2. Pomme D'Amour!
  3. ^^^Pomme d'Amour!
  4. OT, I cant figure out how to attach them to the phone.................
  5. Pomme D'Amour!! :heart:
  6. Pomme Pomme Pomme!!!
  7. Pomme!
  8. I think the pomme would look great on a white phone.:yes:
  9. I love the Framboise
  10. Pomme!! I have one, love it to bits!!!!
  11. :girlsigh: Thanks everyone! Pomme is the most popular!!! :huh:

    Still thinking....
  12. pomme!!!
  13. I have the framboise and love it!
  14. i prefer framboise!
  15. pomme!!