vernis perle zippy

  1. does anyone own a vernis perle zippy? i am thinking about getting one for everyday use but i am afraid that it'd turn yellow. has anyone ever had bad experiences with this color in particular?
  2. I don't own any vernis yet for the very same reason that i'm afraid of ruining it too. Especially when its a wallet, or the zippy you are interested in, they get handled SO much and roll around inside your purse. You would have to be religious about keeping your hands clean, no nail polish, nothing inside the purse that could transfer onto the wallet.... too much headache for me.
    But maybe somebody else on PF who has a light vernis wallet can give you better insight.
  3. No matter how much you use it, I think the Perle vernis will eventually yellow with probably won't be an obvious yellow, just a tint...but still, that's one reason why I'm staying away from the Perle!
  4. Don't forget, there'll be colour transfer issues as well. I've got a perle PTI.. and it's got a few spots of rubbing, it makes me so sad !
  5. what about the framboise? is it safe enough for everyday use?
  6. Regardless of the deepness of colour there will still be colour transfer and spots that you can't get rid of...that is why the Vernis is so high-maintenance. True that the colours such as bronze, red, fuschia, framboise...will be less prone to colour transfer (less noticeable, at least)...but they WILL still get dirty, scuffed and if you're looking for an everyday use wallet that will last forever, I'd suggest moving away from Vernis.
  7. Yup, definitely there is color transfer.. my vernis perle ludlow has pink spots on the edges.. I think it's not that practical for everyday use.. so far I've only used it about a handful times.
  8. thanks for the info... i guess i will just have to pass on the vernis and maybe move onto the epi zippy then... eventhough the colors are sooo much more boring...
  9. Not if you try to locate one in mandarin or red. :smile:
  10. just curious... is mandarin officially discontinued?
  11. It is, but you could always call around.
  12. when I was in the store to get the zippy, I thought I will get the vernis zippy but it requires such a maintenance so I got the mono zippy wallet. It's still look new and beautiful until now.
  13. My fraboise vernis agenda that I've been using as a wallet since July everyday is holding up incredibly well. The newer vernis is def. improved from the previous versions but I think a wallet in Perle will be difficult to keep up with.....I have a noisette Lexington that's doing great too. I've read that LV has done work on the vernis so that it won't yellow like the early versions did, but I still think it's a risk with that white.....