Vernis Pegase...How does it look like?

  1. Hi guys, theres been a few threads about the vernis Pegase, can someone post a pic of how it looks like? Thanks so much...
  2. sorry I dont think there are any pics at the moment. Its at early stages. But keep checking because Im sure in a couple of months time, there will be pics. :flowers:
  3. there's a couple pics of Victoria Beckham with one on here somewhere...
  4. Voila- first one is a photoshopped one Rebecca made of one in pomme and the second is VB with her VIP Fuschia Pegase:
    3161dh5.jpg Vernis Pegase VB.jpg
  5. How come vicky allready has one?
  6. Vicky has a Fuschia one from a couple of years ago. It was a VIP peice and not available for members of the public to buy. But the new pegase which will come in pomme and the new vernis color will be available for everyone to buy but will have to be ordered. :flowers:
  7. Not sure if I want one. I know it will be gorgeous, just worried how it will hold up while travling.
  8. omg.
    i wonder if it will come in the new amarante color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    iwant it!

    anyone have a ballpark on how much it will cost?
    imay have to start saving now!!!!!!!!!
  9. I remember Rebecca saying that it will be available in pomme and amarante only.
  10. FUCHSIA?? OMG I had no idea Posh had one of those! Too cute. Love love it. It looks pomme or red with the lighting tho so that's a good way to visualize what the fall ones will look like. Good deal.

    Somebody write VB and ask her how to vernis holds up after use while traveling so we can all know before buying it! lol
  11. I don't like how Vicky's handles is fuschia as well. That would be a deal breaker for me.

  12. its ON! I need to be on the list! calling today!
  13. oh yea. see how it handles in her private jet.

    screw that. we need to know if we can travel public airlines or general public transportation with it!
  14. I think it's really cute. I would get it if and only if, it's durable (made well) because it's expensive, and if I can place it in the overhead bin on the airplane, oh and it's it's not a million dollars.
  15. I can't WAIT to see what it'll look like!