Vernis Pegase colors?

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  1. Does any remember what all colors the vernis pegas came in besides violette and amarante?TIA!
  2. I am not really sure, but I think it came in rose pop-
  3. Pomme.
  4. Orange Sunset, Vert Tonic and I can't remember what the blue was called.
  5. Bleu Galactic?
  6. To summarize:
    Pomme, Amarante
    Rose Pop, Orange Sunset
    Vert Tonic, Galactic Bleu

    The Vernis Pegase 45 will be released later this year in Pomme, Amarante & some other color, can't remember
  7. Bwah! Just saw them on the site today, Amarante and Pomme D'amour!