Vernis owners......

  1. I have 2 pomme items & they are slightly different in color!! My reade pm is redder & you can see more gold sparkles (in my opinion, it's prettier) while my french purse has deeper embossed LV pattern compare to the reade pm & it's deeper in the red color (less noticible compare to the reade pm). The glaze used on the french purse seems to be thicker than my reade pm too. Anyone have similar experiences too? Does this bother you at all?? I mean, even though they are suppose to be the same color, but I like one more than the other. :confused1: Should I return the french purse & wait for one that has a brighter red color? you think I am just being silly? Thanks!
  2. nop..... my framboise agenda and koala were two different colors! it did bother me a little..... i ended up exchanging koala to zippy now my agenda and wallet are the same color!!!!:heart: ;)
  3. I think it's normal. It doesn't bother me at all and if you look at the glazing on all other LV items from other collections you'll still see that it's not always the same thickness. Some parts have thicker glazing while other parts barely have any.
  4. u should return it and wait for a new one if it really bothers u that much. Just bring the reade with u when the stores have new ones in so u can compare to it.
  5. If it bothers you, take it back!
  6. Not silly at all...I think if its going to bother you, you should return it for another that is closer in color to your Reade.
  7. My pomme cles and lexington vary slightly. I attribute it to the fact that they were made in two different countries. It doesn't bother me.
  8. This actually happens with a lot of the vernis colors..some have more glitter, some have less. Some have the monogram stamped deeper, some are lighter. It just depends.
    But if you want them to be a closer match, by all means, do it.
  9. My agenda and bedford are the exact same color...but I have heard of two items being slightly off

  10. my thoughts exactly.......same goes with vachetta? ----->different cows? :shrugs:
  11. You might want to take into consideration that pomme will only be available for a certain length of time and you may never find one that matches within that span.
  12. I think thats kind of cool, that each piece is unique like that, not like some mass produced identical..thing.
  13. ITA! :yes: