Vernis osmetics pouches on UK Available NOW

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  1. once again is showing the pouches in all vernis colours each available to buy now they are hidden away in luggage

  2. Is this for the UK only? I am on my way to see...
  3. dammit look at that title "osmetics" :lol: typing too fast to get the news up
  4. I can't find them on the US site, bummer!
  5. I just found them on the UK site, you guys are so lucky!
  6. Ugh I just took my name off the list for the amarante beacuse I'm trying to be good- it's so pretty though!
  7. They are all pretty!!! But I like the Violet and Pomme colors the best!!!
  8. ahh you UKers are so lucky!
  9. When will all us who live in the state get the shipment in?????:hysteric:

    The waiting is killing!! :death:
  10. These are very pretty! I can't wait to see the violette and pomme in the U.S. Feb 1.