vernis or mono cles?

  1. i lost my coach mini skinny last night and want a cles badly! looking into the vernis framboise, but i've read the material is hard to work with if im stuffing id/cc/bills/coins into it.
    should i just get the mono?

    which do you prefer? :love:
  2. I have both and love both..the red vernis cle that I have is fun and bright and the mono cle is classic...I use the mono year round but, more fall/winter and the red vernis spring summer for a pop of colour...sometimes I attach the one I am not using to the D ring in my bags for cash keeping
  3. Your'e right...the mono cles will give you more room than the vernis cles will.
  4. i had both. the pomme n the monogram cles.
    but in the end i sold the pomme because i didnt get any use out of it, but it looks really good.
    however, i use my monogram cles every single day. and it fits tonnes.
  5. for using mono/ damier/ azur will be better i think. it can take more abuse and still looks great :smile:.
  6. I think I have to agree, go with the monogram! You will get a lot more use out of it then the vernis!
  7. Go for the mono! I love the denim one, too!
  8. i have the vernis and it doesn't fit a lot - enough for my purposes. The mono cles definitely can hold more. But the vernis is just so hot looking!
  9. does anyone have pix of how much the vernis fits? i jsut want 2 fit an id, cc, change, and a couple bills.
  10. It sounds like what you would get more use out of is the mono cles. I have both as well and I can fit more in the mono than the vernis.
  11. I think mono would be much more practical.
  12. Damier:tup: or the Groom on eif you find any...
  13. since you said you'd use the cles to stuff id/cc/bills/coins, then the mono would be the perfect one to get :yes:
  14. Vernis and make sure you choose in dark color such amarante to prevent color transfer. I personally not too keen mono pieces except Mizi, Manhattan GM, Theda & Leonor :p
  15. When i bought mine I was debating the same thing, i ended up getting mono because its easier to get in and out of so more practical althought the vernis is prettier. I'm happy with my decision because had I gotten the vernis, I probably wouldnt end up using it because i wouldnt like how its hard to get in and out of.