Vernis or empreinte wallet?

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  1. I have been thinking about a new continental wallet for some time. At first I was considering mono Sarah but then I realized I really want my bigger wallets to be leather, not canvas.

    I don't want epi either, so it's between empreinte and vernis. I don't have any bags or other items in these materials, so I don't really know how durable or usable they are. They are both very beautiful, but do they get scratches easily? That's my main fear with vernis. Or are they impossible to clean, if they get dirty?

    Which one would you choose, and why?
  2. You really have to be careful of color transfer on the Vernis. I have always thought this line was pretty but if you have the wallet in your bag and you also let's say have a grocery receipt and your wallet is laying on the receipt you will have the permanent imprint of the receipt on your wallet.
    I vote the empreinte wallet because it's a gorgeous and durable line..
    Good luck!
  3. +1. I've made the conscious decision to stay away from all future Vernis, actually. Some of the colors are SO pretty, but LV has a serious color transfer problem. I do not understand why they cannot seal the leather somehow so that this doesn't happen. I've got patent leather Coach wallets that never have any issue - you'd think that for 7-10 times the price point, LV could figure that out!

  4. It sounds like vernis would make me totally nervous! Good thing I asked and thanks for your answers!
  5. Empreinte! The leather is gorgeous :loveeyes:
  6. Empriente!! Love it :smile:
  7. Empriente
  8. Empriente ! More durable.. Good luck..
  9. empreinte!
  10. I'll be different & say look at vernis as well.
    I have a pomme vernis zippy wallet.
    I do not baby it at all & have used it every single day for almost 3 years - and it still looks good
  11. I own both, but I prefer empreinte.
  12. +1
  13. I love my Vernis wallets. I haven't had any issues with color transfer and I'm not even very careful. I would just advise you that if you choose Vernis to get it in a somewhat dark color. It's the light colors that seem to have the issues.
  14. +2
  15. Well, I love them both. But I will admit if I'm carrying a light color Vernis Zippy I put it in the smallest size Purse to Go organizer so that it doesn't "bump" up against anything in my handbag.

    Yea, I baby my Vernis light color wallets because I love them so much.

    With my Empreinte Zippy's I just take my normal amount of care with any LV item.

    Can't wait to see what you get. :biggrin: