Vernis or Empreinte wallet?

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  1. I need a black wallet! Should I get the vernis noir magnetique or wait for the black empreinte wallets to come out. I really can't decide. Which one do you like better? Also empreinte owners, does the leather soften like the mahina wallets or do they hold their shape?
  2. I'm not sure how wallets can lose their shape unless you stuff them silly so I'm guessing they'll hold up pretty well. I have and love both and if I had to choose, would pick the empreinte :biggrin:
  3. black emp :smile:
  4. Black Empreinte :smile: No fingerprints!
  5. Vernis :loveeyes:
  6. Empriente!
  7. Empriente ! Can't tell you how much I love mine :smile:
  8. My Pomme Vernis wallet has worn like IRON so I highly recommend Vernis BUT I do not like the pewter hardware at all. The Emp will have the gold hardware I think so that gets my vote.
  9. I love vernis wallets, but since I bought an empreinte wallet, I wear only this only because the vernis wallets feel like plastic. The empreinte leather is fantastic. It softens by usage, but not that much to lose the shape. It will stay firm enough, only the leather will be more pleasant to touch. I recommend to wait for the empreinte. Plus it will have golden hardware which will surely match better to your bags.
  10. Vernis is too much maintenance for an item you will be using everyday. So... My vote is for the empreinte. :yes:
  11. Empreinte only because the noir magnetique hardware is known for chipping
  12. Empreinte!

    I love mine! I have a small secret zip around wallet.
    It is the most luxurious leather I've ever had! I have other wallets, including Hermes, Chanel, Gucci and LV leather and canvas, there's nothing like LV empreinte.
  13. Emp. No finger prints to worry about :smile:
  14. Thank you. I knew you all would give good input!
  15. I have the Empreinte Secret Long in Infini. It was purchased pre-owned and still looks very new. I've used it everyday since it arrived and it's absolutely perfect. I think as long as you only use one card per slot and don't overstuff, it will be fine. I love this wallet and would love to have more colors. It's taken the place of two of my Zippy wallets because I use this one with DE and DA. Until I get another color, I'll keep my Mono.