Vernis Old-timers - Just how well is yours holding up??

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  1. Hello All! I am lusting after something in Pomme! But I'm a bit skeptical because of the "cracking" "color transfer" "peeling" and "scratches" that I've read about. Yikes! :wtf:

    Everyone always posts pictures of their NEW Vernis. Is there anyone who has a more mature Vernis? Like older than 1+ yrs? If you don't mind, could you post some pictures so I can see what I can expect from the Vernis line? :ty:
  2. I use my Vernis Pomme Cles everyday. It is still holding up. I have had my Cles for a year and a half now. No signs of "cracking" "color transfer" "peeling" and "scratches."
  3. I've posted some pictures on the Vernis thread in the clubhouse.

    I use Vernis accessories everyday and have for several years. No problems at all with what you mentioned above. I don't baby my bags/accessories, but I don't abuse them.

    If there were so many problems, I believe LV would not continue to offer so many luscious items in Vernis.
  4. i have my Pomme keyholder for over 1 year and its very new still. Love vernis!
  5. Quite well!
    I have my Fuchsia Lexington and beige Houston from 2003 and they're still in great shape, no chipping or discoloring. I did have a tiny mark on the Houston but it still looks amazing for being a light color.
    Also, my silver and baby blue Lex's from resellers are in amazing shape and they're from around 2001/2002ish.
  6. I'm hoping it is very durable since I just ordered the Bellevue GM! My other vernis items have been smaller like the roxbury in Pomme and some wallets in Perle and Pomme ....they have all been holding up great for over a year which is why I am going for the gigantic Bellevue (in Violette).
  7. I've had a Pomme Brentwood for a year now and only the handles are aging.
  8. :goodpost:
    i was thinking of a pomme wallet and is also worried about these problems..
  9. I use my pomme zippy every day for 3 yrs already. Still looks pretty and the envy of many ;)
  10. i got a PM from a tPF'er who had a vernis framboise wallet and said it was ruined with color transfer, and because of past threads i was a little skeptical about vernis pomme pochette too...
    ((good post!))
    i guess you just have to be careful with it in a way-or make sure not to rub it against things.
    i got 2 different pieces of advice from 2 differents LV SA's:
    1st SA at one LV boutique said, "if you get MC Kate, just make sure Vernis Pomme Pochette does not rub up against it in your bag, and try not to use them together in your same bag..." (for color tranfer reasons) and he said that the line most evident in color transfer is "Perle"...most easiest to get damage.

    2nd SA at 2nd LV boutique said "Vernis is most durable because of plastic coating" (probably in regards to peeling, cracking & glazing coming off).

    *also to note, there's a Pegase (limited edition!) in Vernis!!* (^_^) WoW!

    i WISH Vernis had the same kind of glue/glazed on finish/edges as MC wallet though (with the red-edge dye) that stuff seems undestructable! unlike my mono-canvas PTI which the glazing is already coming off on sides.
  11. i've the vernis rosewood pomme. there're 2 minor hairline scratches. i dont know how i managed to get them. any advise how to remove them? has anyone face this problem? :confused1:

    so far, there isnt color transfer. ;)
  12. This may be a stupid question, but which is rubbing color off on the other? I thought that the inside of the MC Kate was red. I'm confused. Or maybe the Kate damages the wallet in another way beside color transfer? :noggin:
  13. I've had my vernis bags.... at least 7 or 8 for 3 years. No color transfer, no scratches, still beautiful. Handles are turning gorgeous honey, I have to think of , framboise brentwood, indigo bedford, perle bedford, lavender sullivan, lavender spring street, rose and yellow spring streets, noisette biscayne bay, pomme lexington... um... might have others, but can't think.... all still beautiful. some of these were bought new, but no problems, I also have framboise zippy with no problems, I think my azur organizer needs new glazing too... after only a year...
  14. :tumbleweed:
    hahah! oops i think i'm the one that got mixed up after re-reading my above post. SA was trying to convey that if i place MC Kate + Vernis Pomme Pochette inside speedy together, the vernis pomme would transfer color onto MC Kate because of rubbing against eachother inside bag. i was planning on using MC Kate as a multipurpose bag (to hold my pens/hilighters/purell & hand cream) inside of speedy. sorry for confusion
  15. I've had a Pomme cles for almost a year now and the leather is perfect. The only sign of wear (and it's minor) is on the the zipper pull and track. I'm not at all easy on my cles, either.