Vernis Nightmare!

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  1. Well I Was In Vegas and Shopping Around I Noticed Marc Jacobs Was Having Little Marc by Marc Jacobs Clutches and Shoes on Sale So I Went And I bought the Shoes in every color they had in my size. i go to pay and i pull out my Vernis Zippy Wallet And it is singed! i started to cry! I have NO clue what happened what i think it was is when i lit up a cigarette the hot lighter landed on the wallet and singed it. sorry i dont have any pictures the wallet is somewhere in a landfill in las vegas i was so sad and mad i took all the things in my wallet and changed when i got to the hotel and tossed i could of sold it or took it for repair but just a warning to get vernis items on hot surfaces!:heart:
  2. Sorry this happened to you.
  3. geeze what kind of lighter do you have?

    thats too bad!
  4. Regular Bic And like all lighters there flaming hot after lighting up a cig
  5. Sorry to hear that...
  6. Oh boy sorry to hear that happened to you! I empathize with your frustration and tossing i'd prob do the same! then regret it afterwards!
  7. I can't believe you actually threw out the wallet!! I was just in Vegas, if I would known, I would be searching in that landfill right now for it!! :true:
  8. Wow, sorry to hear that. You shouldn'tve thrown it away. I'm sure LV could've repaired it. :sad:
  9. Oh my goodness! Im sorry to hear that, but really sad that you threw it away!! Sigh.. you could have still have used it for something else, if you didnt want to take it out with you.
  10. Yeah I Was Right Outside The Forum Shops And i Called Them And They Offered for me to bring it in i was just too mad that i just said screw it and tossed it away.. burned vernis looks so weird too lol but its done and over with and im done with Amarante tho... now im thinking the new green color : )
  11. Gosh, I'm soo sorry that happened to you! I'd be beyoooond sad if that happened to my newly bought Pomme Zippy.
  12. ^^That's so funny :roflmfao:.
  13. Given the repair cost to replace the leather panel I imagine it would be cheaper and easy to buy a new one...yes, the patent coating doesn't like heat of any sort....
  14. but I hope you got some nice MJ shoes....mmmmm shoes!
  15. :wtf: Ooooh, sorry to hear about your wallet. I'd be sooo mad!