Vernis next color

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  1. Does anyone know what will be the next color for the Vernis line?
  2. yeah, i cant wait to know whats the next vernis color... can somebody give us a tip?
  3. ooooooooo i would love to lnow
  4. Today at LV in NY a SA told me Vernis line was being discontinued... I don't know if It was supposed to be only certain colors but she actually used the phrase "All Vernis will be discontinued." Is this true??? Please say no.. :crybaby:
  5. WHAT>??? noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- someone reconfirm pleasE!!!
  6. I can't seriously believe this is true... I'm thinking MAYBE she meant the certain color I was looking at? But she phrased it in a way that made me nervous...
  7. i hope its not... i dont htink it is or it would have been mentioned on the forum AGES ago..
  8. OMG, please don't do it... At least not till I get my first vernis piece... :P
  9. Alana your son is adorable!

    I don't think they would be terminating the vernis line when it does so well. Well at least I hope not!
  10. No no no!!!!:crybaby:
  11. Hi!:smile:

    I saw one of the new color of vernis line(I´m a LV staff)and it´s gorgeous!:yahoo: ==>it´s <<rouge pomme d´amour>>:in french <<pomme d´amour>> is (my english is very bad sorry!) the apple you find in fun fair(recovered by red sugar).
    Will be launch in february for Valentine´s day.:heart:

  12. OOOOooooo! It's going to be red!! I can't wait to see it IRL!
  13. its like a cinnamon color then?
  14. I don´t know how to explain but it´s a kind of dark red,gorgeous!:heart:
  15. OMG!!! This new color sounds GORGEOUS!!!:love:
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