Vernis: New Colors? Or being discontinued?

  1. So I spoke with my SA today and I was asking about new vernis colors (after not being able to find anything here on the board haha) and if and when they are coming out (the ones available now dont float my boat :P ) with new colors. Now he seems to think that it will be discontinued soon. And the chances are greater now becuase the quality of the patent leather isnt so good he says, they get many complaints and the leather wears quite fast and the light colors have discoloration and pick up ink etc. from print and other things. Complaints overall have been especially bad this past year (overall quality on all products hasnt been as good as the past, cheaper materials AND on top of that price increases! :wtf: ) apparantly as well (well I had to exchange THREE of my groom items :Push: so that just shows ya) So anyways does anyone know about a discontinuation or if not, new colors? :flowers:
  2. :wtf: I hope not ...I LOVE VERNIS:crybaby:. Regarding new colours, sorry because I don't know:crybaby:

  3. Have not heard ANYTHING about the line being discontinued but we are talking in another thread about the new color coming out a red color.

    Sometimes SA's talk out of their booties so I don't always believe them! LOL :roflmfao:
  4. Lol ya^^!
    They don't know for sure so they give you some story haha.
    Anyway there is a red coming out for sure called Pomme or something?
    I was hoping for a black. I wish they'd surprise everyone and do that as well.

  5. Ohh I sooo want black as well. I would love to have a black malibu street. Maybe in the fall!?! *hopes*
  6. I don´t believe it will be discontinued. Surely they can´t do that to us??
  7. Apple Red!

    Vernis is too popular to discontinue.
  8. I hope they don't discontinue it...I like the different styles and depth that this line brings to the LV collection...

    *bring back the Indigo!!*
  9. My SA (Store Manager) told me the Framboise is already discontinued :shrugs:

    I hope Perle will continue to stick around, coz it's one of my fav:heart: rite Vernis colors :love:
  10. i hope not, i think that among the permanent lv lines, the vernis line looks young and carefree
  11. That seems about right, since it came out in February. :yes:
  12. Hmmm, so all we have left are 2 colours now with framboise gone, I am suprised they wont have mroe than one color coming out, BTW thanks guys, I WAS SO worried it might have been true, will the red discolor? or is that only light bags?
  13. If you get newsprint up against most any color, it will discolor. But I have the new(er) red and it's held up just fine. I think the red that's coming out will actually be a bit darker.
  14. ohhhh can't wait to see the apple red :smile: