Vernis mott in red

  1. I have a little problem and I tought you guys could help me.

    I wanna buy Vernis mott in red and I would like to have more information to avoid fake ones. I would like to know...

    - what colors did they come
    - color of the inside lining
    - any differences in different year? like lining, hardware etc.
    - datecodes
    - where is it made
    - patches inside or not

    and if you know more please tell me. ;) anything could help me.
  2. in the club house there is a vernis club thread, you will find plenty of vernis in there to drool over. also there is a thread which shows all of the vernis colours and when they were made. just use the search function at the top of the page and search vernis reference.
    if you are buying off eBay you can post in the authenticate this LV thread with a link to the auction and we would happily look at it and make sure its a good one.