vernis Minna street or Mott?

  1. does anyone have either of these bags in raspberry or perle? could you please post pics. I CANT DECIDE. I really need a small everyday bag for the spring and love both but can only justify buying 1.
  2. both bags are really small. don't fit a lot. sorry I don't have pics.
  3. I say minna street. Looks like it hold more.
  4. minna street. i just saw one about an hour ago and couldn't remember the name off the top of my head but i asked the SA cuz it's just really cute. wish i was more of a shoulder bag person...
  5. Minna. I know it's not a popular bag, but I think it's cute. :yes:
  6. I think the Minna street is the best choice
  7. I like the Mott better.
  8. minna-cuter adn more useful!
  9. I love the Mott because it's cute, but the strap is very thin and only a hand held. It's too narrow for an everyday bag besides being small.
    I like the Minna because it was named after a famous street in San francisco. It's a shoulder bag for sure and little more roomier than the Mott.
    I'm no help I love both.
  10. I find myself quite drawn to the minna.
  11. I have a Mott in lavender and I like the style more than the Minna Street. It also seems to be more of an evening bag. The Minna I can see being used daily during the Spring...but not so much the Mott.
  12. I say go for minna street! It does look like it'll hold a bit more...
  13. minna, it holds more for everyday...
  14. i love the minna! its so cute, i've been wanting to get one since it came out....but have never gotten around to it!
  15. i like the minna!