Vernis Minna Sreet on Elux?

  1. I was on ELux and saw a new bag called the Minna Street in Vernis. I think it is cute. Any opinions on this. I am sorry but I don't know how to put the link up to get the picture. I really want the Reade PM but saw this and now can't decide. My friend told me she thought the Reade PM looks like a lunch bag---but I don't think it does. :roflmfao:
  2. [​IMG]

    A little small for me, but cute :smile:
  3. I ordered the minna a long time ago and sent it back quickly. It is cute but the size is so small, it didn't 'punch' how stunning the vernis really is.

    I vote for Reade PM!
  4. I've seen both the Minna & the Reade in the store and the Minna is really tiny. The Reade holds a lot more, I want to get it in Fuchsia before it disapears.
  5. i love Minna. after a big disapointment over not liking the azur IRL im gona get this, just need to pick a colour.
  6. It's cute, but I just ordered a Reade from elux! I don't think it looks like a lunchbag at all; I think it looks like a classic little tote.
  7. It's cute...but not for me. I have a lot of junk to carry around on a daily basis.
  8. It's cute.. but I'd want something a little more substantial !
  9. I like it! it's a really hip bag, especially if you wear it across your body!!! very casual chic! GET IT! :biggrin:
  10. the reade pm does remind me of my lunch bag because of the size and shape...the material is very different though....your gf was just being is still a cute bag
  11. I wanted Minna street, but SA talked me out of it saying that it won't even fit a pair of glasses... I still like it though, and agree that it is very chic!
  12. Very cute, but way too small for me!
  13. It's cute but sooo tiny! The reade is tiny by my standards but is much more practical IMO.
  14. Cute, but hasn't this style been around for awhile now?
  15. It won't fit glasses? :wtf: I guess Minna is out for me too. :shame: