Vernis Mini Ring Agenda... thoughts?

  1. Hello all! I am very new to Louis Vuitton, but am just IN LOVE with the vernis line! I really want to start my collection with a smaller piece and fell in love with the mini ring agenda. Thing is, I am nowhere near a boutique so won't be able to look at it in person at all. I will be ordering from elux, but want to be sure on my purchase before spending the money, KWIM?
    I currently use a Coach small agenda, 3x5", and it is a bit too big to carry in my bag so that is why I am leaning towards the mini ring agenda...

    Any thoughts on this piece? Advice? Thanks in advance!
  2. I use a treo so don't really have a need for one, but I'd get the Vernis one if I did. It looks a bit small, that would be my only concern. I am thinking of getting one to use as a little notebook though.
  3. I just bought the Framboise mini ring. It's an excellent small pocket agenda and can accommodate several credit cards. It is so adorable! Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the responses! The framboise is TDF and def. the color I am lusting for :smile:

    Another thing I am worried about is finding refills for it... they don't stock them at elux right now and are nowhere on eBay...
  5. I love the Vernis agendas! Framboise is one of my favorite colors too! I think the mini agenda would be great. I personally prefer the small agenda, but since you don't like the size for carrying in your purse I bet mini would be great! It's a great piece!
  6. You guys are so bad for I'm thinking about getting one! Does anyone know the cost? Maybe on Wednesday when I go to to LV store I will give in and get one.
  7. Replying to myself here.....just checked elux and they're $240. I should've checked first, duh. Hmmm this may be one of my next purchases.