vernis material


night sky
Feb 23, 2006
Hello! I once heard that vernis was apparently water-resistant. Is this true? And if so, could I use a vernis bag during snowy winters or rainy days and not worry about damage? As well, how practical do you think perle vernis is as an "everyday use" bag?
i'm not sure about water resistant...i refrain from using most of my lv's on snowy or rainy days due to the vachetta. i dont 'want to have water stains on that...the perle can get color transfer mush easier than a darker color. (ie if you are wearing jeans the dye can permanently damage ur purse)
Thanks for your reply! I wonder how easy the colour transfer is. For example, if I was wearing jeans and had a Houston on my lap for an hour, would that be enough to cause a slight colour transfer?
i don't think so..i mean, if you are wearing a really cheap pair of dark jeans where the color runs ..or if they get wet somehow...but i think its more with the "rubbing" of the bag onto your clothing that does it.