vernis marshmallow

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  1. I've been looking for a marshmallow vernis wallet to match my rose koala agenda & i found one on eBay today. I'm not sure if it's real or not but i honestly think right now i'd rather buy a damier speedy 25 since it's been raining so much lately. So what i'm wondering is how long has the marshmallow been discounted? & will it be hard for me to find another one?

    Also even though i've been into louis vuitton for over 2 years i'm still really new to everything. I know nothing about the vernis. Is it hard to keep care of? What are some of the advantages/disadvantages? I plan on buy some damier & damier azur so i want a wallet that would go with all my bags.

  2. The only thing about vernis is that you have to avoid any scratch. I clean my once a week so the shine will stay on, and I try to keep them away from my jean...all the medal part or button will scratch the vernis and it'll show. But that's just me. I'm very careful with my LV. I think you should get the Damier Speedy.

    Gosh it'd been raining so much lately & i didn't know. I brought my MC Trouville to class; luckily, I sprayed the vachette with Kiwi protect-all. Good luck on choosing it.
  3. I have the pochette wallet in vernis marshmallow and used it with one of my mono bags that have the red alcantara and some of the red had bled onto the vernis leather ... so just be careful with that.

  4. does it do this with the darker vernis colors also?
  5. I have another vernis related question:

    How often does louis vuitton come out with new vernis colors? I'm in love with any of the colors out right now but i'd rather buy from the store. So do they have any colors that are planning to come out anytime soon?
  6. ^^^ I don't think so ... I have the amarante and framboise also and those are fine.
  7. They tend to bring out at least one new color a year - sometimes two - but always linked to a new bag being intro'd to the range.

    I'd guess that this would be the place to hear about it first, to be honest!

    Try a search in here for something like new vernis color or vernis color 2008 maybe?