Vernis Malibu Street vs. Vernis Lexington


Malibu Street vs. Lexington

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  1. Hey everyone..
    One my last shopping spree till I close up shop till December.. really have to buckle down and start saving...

    I'm trying to choose between the Malibu and the Lexington. Originally I saw the Perle Malibu Street IRL and thought, WOW it's so CUTE!! and I HAVE to HAVE it to match my silver shoes for my gf's wedding!! And NOW.. there are a few pics posted in the 'celebrities and their LV' thread, I believe Katie Holmes with a Rouge Lexington and Jennifer Garner with a Baby Blue Lexington, and I'm beginning to waver.

    I love everything about the Malibu Street, lock and everything, but I'm wondering if maybe it isn't 'formal' enough?? Maybe TOO cute??

    What are your opinions??


    Edit: Sorry everyone, I should have included that I want to be able to wear the bag out on non-so-special occasions as well.. An $800+ bag or $400+ bag I can't really jusify as wearing once and putting it away till the next gala event. You know? I mean, not EVERYDAY.. but sometimes..
    p11142688_ph_althero_Perle.jpg p10021833_ph_althero_Perle.jpg
  2. [​IMG] just like this style better.
  3. I like both, I don't think the Malibu is not formal enough, but price wise I'll choose Lexington.:smile:
  4. that's a tough decision

    i think i prefer the Malibu St., because it's more unique, and i love the S-lock:tender:. the Lexington is like just another Pochette Accessoires.
  5. Although the Malibu Street is quite cute, I think that for a wedding, the Lexington looks more formal.
  6. I love the Lexington. It's classy without being "brassy".... pun intended. Although the look of that other one is cute, dressy can be nicely understated with the Lexington. The beautiful color speaks volumes by itself. I have a red one and a fuchsia one on it's way! Go with the Lex! Let us know what you decide. :smile:
  7. Although I like the look of the Lexington more, I would recommend getting the Malibu Street. I was going through the same dilemma a few months ago and ended up buying the Lex. However, I regret that decision because the Lex is too small (and I like small bags). It is really inconvenient to take things in and out because it gets stuck and barely has enough room to store my broome wallet and cellphone. Definitely go for the Malibu will use it more!
  8. oopis.. the Lexington is $620.00 NOT the $400+ that I thought it was.
  9. Malibu will fit more stuff plus I find S-lock is very adorable..
  10. I love the Lexington..I have the fuchsia one and it's just cute. Both bags are tiny but I found the lock on the Malibu St. to be annoying when you need to get into it quickly so I never ended up getting one. I like the look but it's kind of cumbersome if you need to get into it frequently.
  11. I have the Lexington... and it's adorable! it's great for a fun night out as well... it is pretty small, but i don't carry much other than my cell phone, cles, and a few make up items.

    I think the Malibu St is cute too... tough decision, but I still prefer the Lexington.
  12. Hmmmm, this is a tough one. I would go for the malibu street. I just HOPE they had made it in indigo.
  13. Malibu!! I love the s-lock.
  14. That's what I thought too!
  15. Malibu