vernis luggage

  1. there is a thread in the handbags and purses sub forum with a pic of the new vernis pegasse 50
    estimated price is 2000
  2. OMG is this the new vernis colour everyone`s been talking about ???

    Are they going to release more handbags + accessories of this vernis colour??
  3. WOW, it looks kind of cool, i wanna see it IRL
  4. WOW :nuts: :love: but feel scare to use it without "give" it stain or mark.

    Mmm, thought the material more like Mat or Glace instead Vernis, if so then it'll be okay :smile:
  5. Gorgeous! I think I would just stare at it!:p
  6. is that a real pic or photoshop?

    Blueberry This colour is coming out June/July and there are going be 4 new styles released also
  7. I belive it's real. Isnt the picture from a news article about luggage???
  8. I just checked it out thanks I agree I think it's real at the minute I've gotta say I don't really like it that much, I think the Pomme will be better
  9. Thanks Label Addict :flowers:
  10. ITA with LA. The Pomme would be so hot! : )
  11. Hehe. I saw my SA at the party tonight and she said they were going to be really hard to get ahold of..all I have to do though is give her a call and tell her what color I want and she'll get it for me. I really like the Amarante!
  12. I love both colors but can't see myself getting much use out of it, since I would NEVER use it when traveling???
  13. is this a carry on size?
  14. ^^It's the 50 which is the smallest, so I believe it is.
  15. the 50 is the smallest roller they have. its carryon size and looks lovely.

    there are 3 other bags coming out, a beauty case, a pochette witha flap and a plaque and a bowling bag looking bag.