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  1. The vernis Houston and Brentwood are the same price but, I find that odd because the Houston is 12x10x5 and the Brentwood is 11.5x15x3.7 soo the Breantwood is 5 inches taller therefore, you think it would cost more yet it is the same price as the Houston...not sure why...usually with LV you pay more if the bag is bigger and requires more material a gm bag cost more than a pm bag of the same style etc....anyone know why??? Also which bag looks better in real life anyone own one or both or have seen and tried them on in the both bags but, eventually can only get one next to hear your thoughts
  2. Personally I love the Houston. Its a classic bag. The Brentwood is nice too but newer and I have not had as much experience with it
  3. ^^ i second that!
  4. I love the houston.
  5. Heres my Houston, its been 5 years with her...but she's still in VERY mint condition.

    houston red
  6. Love your red houston and it looks like new still!!!
  7. My favorite right now is the Brentwood named after the city I lived in.*smile*
    This one is on my wish list and just waiting for the new Vernis colors next year.:yes:
  8. I like the size of the houston. The brentwood has longer handles.
  9. pinki I am thinking about the Brentwood in candy apple red coming out in is suppose to be a deeper red then the currrent red which is being live in Brentwood how exciting....when I think of the area Brentwood I think of the OJ trial (sorry) where they kept mentioning Brentwood Ca....the Brentwood is slightly larger than the Houston and it also has adjustable straps so for me it is a tad bit more I am use to larger bags like the LH and aureilla MM so the Houston for me may feel small....I only know of the one new colour coming out, have you heard about any others:confused1: ?
  10. I love Houston...

    I personally love big bag too (even I'm 5'3"), but I think Houston is not that small. I think you should try both in store and decide...

  11. I mentioned in another thread about the Houston and the Brentwood. I'd love to have a large vernis tote but the Houston isn't large enough.

    I didn't know that the Houston and the Brentwood were the same price. Wow. LV is ripping us off. My issue with the Brentwood is that the interior is not leather. The Houston's is. So that's what there are doing... You can have a smaller tote with a leather interior or a larger tote with a synthetic interior for the same price. For some the synthetic interior is not a problem... But for the price I'd like an all leather bag. JMHO.

    Also, remember, products don't necessarily follow the logic that if it's bigger it's going to cost more. Recall that LV also conveniently uses the logic that small items are harder to make and therefore cost more too. Think accessories and how expensive they are.

    Aaaaaah... Gotta love LV huh?
  12. No I always wait for the surprise color that's always sold out. This way I work myself into a frenzy to get the unattainable!;) The Houston is way too small even when it first came out...IMO Just biding my time and now is the time. You will absolutely love it because, we both like the larger totes. Well, as long as it's not sweeping the ground when used as a tote.:sad:

  13. ohhh suprise:nuts: colour I am intrigued...and this suprise:nuts: colour is something other than candy apple red? When do they launch the suprise colour? The Brentwood is more me.... I have the PH which is more similar in size to the Houston and I find it a tad bit too small.
  14. Well...:shame: After joining TPF... Surprises are actually non-existent...;)
    Which sometimes takes the fun out of going to the boutique?:confused1:
  15. great points...did not know that the interiors differed...thanks