Vernis lovers!

  1. Hi! Started to have an interest in vernis.. can anyone advise if
    it is leather? If not, what material is it? Is it easy to maintain? As I'm looking for a wallet that can possibly last for a long long time. :biggrin: TIA
  2. Vernis is leather. As for easy to maintain, it depends. For an everyday wallet I would not suggest vernis though, while it might last awhile, I don't guarantee that it'll still be pretty at the end of 5 years.
  3. Something about the vernis material makes it very porous and likely to absorb colours, especially if the vernis is very light to begin with. If you're able to find an indigo coloured wallet, it would probably last for quite a long time but other colours may not be so durable.
  4. Agreed. The leather itself is varnished. The varnish is what makes the piece to susceptible to color transfer. So although the wallet WILL last just as long as any other Vuitton wallet, the superficial appearance won't be great. I have a Vernis Broome wallet in Bronze. The Bronze items seems to get small black dots over time. It's weird, I've only seen it happen with this color.
  5. I have a light colored Ludlow and I forgot to store it in a dustbag. I left in a drawer next to my old skool walkman, now it has some sort of transfer and does not look so good. Dark colors are definitley better.