vernis line

  1. any one know what the vernis line is made of??? is it patent leather or plastic?
  2. I heard it's patent leather. :shrugs:
  3. I believe patent leather. I've never really thought about it. It's not plastic for sure!
  4. I just looked at the LV website and it indicates embossed leather. My SA also told me it was patent leather.

    Beautiful line. I can't wait to get my hands on a Framboise Brentwood!
  5. oh thank god! i do not want to buy a $200 cles made of friggin' plastic! LOL
  6. I love this line haha. It's actually one of my favorites and holds up better than you'd think :yes:
  7. Oh, you are getting a cles! Which color? :graucho: I thought of getting one too but I heard vernis cles can't store as much as regular mono or damier. :sad:
  8. What is the lowest temperature that vernis can withstand?? I really want something from this line, but it sometimes gets to -40 Celcuis or more here in the winter...
  9. i'm hoping to get it in either framboise or noisette... but i think i like the framboise better, since it stands out more...
  10. If you don't mind me asking, what do you afraid that will happen to it? :shame:
  11. I know that you aren't supposed to take it out in extreme heat, but I've never heard about the cold.
  12. Framboise it HOT..! :nuts: I really love this color and NEED to get something in framboise. :yes: But I really need a roomy cles so I might get the agenda instead. Anyway, I went to LV on the 31st last month, they have no stocks for both cles and agenda. :Push: Luckily there was no price increase on both of these. :P
  13. Will it actually melt or turn sticky in extreme heat or something? :confused1: :shame:
  14. It is patent leather. Of course patent leather is a leather coated with some sort of plastic coating.
  15. after seeing the red epi leather cles, i think i like that one a lot more than the vernis, for some reason...