vernis line

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  1. i am kind of new to lv and hope someone can help me with this, i am interested in the vernis minna street bag and want to know your opinions on this line. what does it look like in person? is it more formal? is it shiny? what does it feel like it, i know thats hard to describe, but is it soft or more of a stiffer material, thanks so much!!
  2. Here are some GREAT reference pics of the Vernis Minna Street in Framboise:

    The Vernis line is great... it's cute yet chic.

    Also, no need to worry about the authenticity of the bag... it's real along with the seller's other LV items.
  3. Vernis is a pretty stiff treated leather. It has a high gloss on it that shines beautifully and the later versions - pomme, amarante have beautiful sparkle. I think the "formal" questions speaks to the style of the bag rather than the material. The Minna Street bag is adorable and would be good with jeans or dresses.
  4. thanks john and queen, that was quite helpful!! love the pics..